Marine Jewels


Firstly, Clay & Debbie would like to welcome you to MARINEJEWELS with the addition of DESERTJEWELS.

We will endeavour to supply you with quality treasures found within Australia’s oceans and now within the desert regions of Western Australia, mainly through auctions on a monthly basis. Clay has been a keen diver since 1989 and became a licensed Specimen Shell Diver in 2002. He is now learning the art of sourcing DESERTJEWELS & other collectable items from the outback of Western Australia when the weather isn’t suitable for diving.

Marinejewels/Desertjewels will be mainly Western Australian treasures handpicked by Clay himself.

All shell grading will be done by Clay, with the Zoila group of cowries, which are unique to Western Australia, being his specialty.

An online auction will only be made available to only those who wish to bid once you have registered on the Marinejewels website.

Please feel free to browse and hope you enjoy the site.

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